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Washington Lawmakers Fighting For Mandatory DNA Collection

Ross Reynolds
02/29/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

Washington Lawmakers Fighting For Mandatory DNA Collection: Mandatory DNA collection is quickly becoming routine in the criminal justice system. In many jurisdictions, simply being arrested for a felony means you have to submit a genetic sample for the national database. And as NPR's Martin Kaste reports more states, like Washington, are poised to follow suit.

The Black Market Geoduck: Geoducks are an odd looking clam that bring in millions of dollars in revenue for the state of Washington, and as Ashley Ahearn reports, that's led to a lucrative market in stolen geoducks and is putting the iconic shellfish at risk.

More Mining Deaths Above Ground: Federal mine investigators say a Northwest miner died by electrocution because the company that employed him failed to have proper safety procedures in place. The tragedy happened at a gravel pit last September near Pullman, Washington, and as Jessica Robinson reports, most Northwest mine accidents happen above ground.

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