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State Budget, CDC Warnings On Food Imports, And The Weekday Water Cooler

Steve Scher
03/19/2012 at 10:00 a.m.

Inching Toward A Budget Deal: Budget writers in Olympia are working their way toward a compromise. Senate Republicans last week proposed a budget that preserves education funding. Democratic Senator Ed Murray called it a move in the right direction. We'll ask what else Democrats might be willing to compromise on.

Outbreaks Linked To Imported Food Increasing: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says food–borne illnesses caused by imported fish, spices and produce are on the rise. We'll ask Seattle attorney and food safety expert Bill Marler about the risks.

KUOW Daybook: News Director Guy Nelson previews the stories KUOW reporters are following.

Steph Davis — Free Climber And Base Jumper: When the "Weekday" staff was researching free climber and base jumper Steph Davis, our jaws dropped. The athletic stunts she takes on are incredible, and to us, a little crazy. We'll talk to Steph Davis about living life to the extreme.

Around The Water Cooler: Three children have been victims of accidental shootings recently. Should the parents be punished? Should gun safety be taught in school? A new study found that all red meat is bad for you, even in moderation. Would you forgo steak to live longer? What makes you change your eating habits? Also, how important is humor in advertising? Do funny ads make you buy a product?

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David Schmader performs an encore of his solo show, "A Short–Term Solution to a Long–Term Problem," Fridays and Saturdays at Richard Hugo House through April 14 at 8:00 p.m.


Lisa Brown is Washington State Senate majority leader.

Bill Marler is a food safety attorney in Seattle who has represented people sickened by contaminated food from companies like KFC and ConAgra.

Steph Davis is a free climber and base jumper. She lives in Montana.

David Schmader is an associate editor at The Stranger. He's also the author of several solo plays, including his latest, "A Short–Term Solution to a Long–Term Problem."

Choklate Moore is an international singer and songwriter. Her new album, "To Whom It May Concern," is in stores now.

Thierry Rautureau is the Chef in the Hat at Rover's and LUC. He is also the author of "Rover's: Recipes From Seattle's Chef In The Hat."

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