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Austin Jenkins On Olympia Budget Battles

Ross Reynolds
04/06/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

Sound Transit Rejects Ads Criticizing Sea–Tac Jobs, Ad Group Fights Back: Sound Transit has declined to run a series of bus ads aimed at low pay for jobs at Sea–Tac Airport. Working Washington, the coalition running the ads, has filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday against Sound Transit. KUOW's Amy Radil has the story.

SoDo Stadium Backer Ponies Up For Traffic Study: Investor Chris Hansen has agreed to pay for a new study to examine the possible traffic impact of a proposed new stadium in Seattle. Critics of the stadium argue that a new arena in the SoDo area near existing Safeco and CenturyLink stadiums would tie up traffic. The study will be conducted by the Auburn–based firm Parametrix and will examine this possible impact and offer possible solutions. Amy Radil reports.

What's Up With The State Budget? The state Legislature is rolling into the final weekend before the special session ends with big disagreements about settling the budget crisis. What's the holdup? Where are we headed? Austin Jenkins explains it all for us.

Orca Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances: A young Orca's dead body that washed ashore near Long Beach is now causing a stir. Officials have since launched an investigation into the cause of the whale's death, which looks like it might have been caused by human activity. Ashley Ahearn reports.

Are Games A Good Marketing Plan? Can Marketing Come Up With Good Games? As the new baseball season gets going, Major League Baseball has added a new series of games that anyone can participate in. The league's website has games on it, with points for logging in, making comments and participating. The goal is to keep users coming back. Does it work? Lesley McClurg has the story.


Austin Jenkins, Olympia–based political reporter for the Northwest News Network.

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