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Sylvia Pollack's 'Prayer Falling On Deaf Ears'

Elizabeth Austen

Hearing loss has been a fact of life for poet Sylvia Byrne Pollack since she was a child and severe infections ruptured both eardrums. As she's gotten older, the challenges of understanding the web of noise around her has just gotten harder. Today's poem, "Prayer Falling on Deaf Ears," asks for a new level of intervention.

A former University of Washington faculty member, Pollack had a long career in cancer research in the School of Medicine. She also served several years as a mental health counselor for students in the School of Nursing. Her poems have appeared in "Drash: Northwest Mosaic," in Hobble Creek Review and are forthcoming in "Solo Novo: 122 Days." Although she is officially retired, she remains on "active duty" as a grandmother and poet. Her reading was recorded in the KUOW Studios on March 30, 2012.

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