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May Day Protest At Westlake

Lesley McClurg

The May Day protests in downtown Seattle started peacefully Tuesday. There was a money–free zone and a sign– making tent. But KUOW's Lesley McClurg reports the mood changed at noon.


Reporter: "I'm standing on the corner of 6th and Pike just outside of Niketown and American Apparel. There are 10 large windows that have been smashed. There is some graffiti that says, "death to capitalism," there is an anarchy sign, and one protestor told me that the damage was created using crow bars, rocks and light bulbs filled with color paint."

Peaceful demonstrators say the people who did it were wearing gas masks and dressed in black. Police chased them down 6th Avenue spraying the crowd with pepper spray.

The people in black stripped off their outer layer of clothes as they ran. When they turned the corner at 6th and Pine they quickly immersed themselves into the crowd.

Back at Westlake Park the mood at the rally stayed mellow.

Reporter: "I'm standing on the corner of Pine Street just outside of Starbucks Coffee on 4th Avenue and there are about 15 police officers in their full riot gear, although their masks are not down and they looked pretty relaxed at this point."

As I was leaving the scene it looked like it had a few hours before. People were dancing to hip–hop and a clown danced on stage.

For KUOW News, I'm Lesley McClurg.

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