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School Board Approves Contract Negotiations With Jose Banda

Lesley McClurg

It's almost a done deal: Jose Banda will likely be the next superintendent of Seattle Public Schools. Last night school board members voted unanimously to make him a formal job offer. There's only one step left. KUOW's Lesley McClurg reports.


The public comments at the board meeting were welcoming. Parent Cecilia McCormick's words were filled with emotion.

McCormick: "Bienvenidos. Welcome. We are happy and excited you are coming to lead our district.

My daughter and I place our trust in you. I like that you don't spout the reform buzzwords that are empty and tiresome. We need your willingness to collaborate with your board and your true customers: students and families."

School Board President Michael Debell says he's glad the long search is over.

Debell: "We have a chance for fresh start. We should avail ourselves of that opportunity. We should try and reduce the rancor. We should try and embrace the positive and celebrate our successes. That will give Jose Banda the best chance possible for success."

Right now Banda leads the Anaheim City School District.

Banda and the school board will negotiate the terms of the contract over the next two weeks. If all goes well, the board will make it official on May 16 and Banda will replace interim Superintendent Susan Enfield in July.

For KUOW News, I'm Lesley McClurg.

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