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Political News Site PubliCola Folds

Ross Reynolds
05/10/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

C–Sections Drop 65 Percent. Did A State Program Make It Happen? In some parts of the world it's not uncommon for expectant moms to schedule an elective C–section for convenience. That practice has caught on in the US. But last year the number of babies born through induction or C–section fell by 65 percent. KUOW's Ruby DeLuna explains.

Political News Site PubliCola Folds, Becomes Part of Crosscut: Publicola, the fizzy website on local politics, is no more. It's getting folded into Crosscut, another local news website. What does the future hold for these two news outlets? We talk to Publicola's editor in chief, Josh Feit, to find out.

Madrona School Struggling To Fill Classrooms: Enrollment has been on the rise in Seattle Public Schools. But some schools still struggle to fill their classrooms. One of them is Madrona K–8 School, where one in three desks is empty. Some neighborhood parents are trying to turn that around. KUOW's Liz Jones reports.


Josh Feit is the founder and editor–in–chief of PubliCola.

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