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Rebuilding The American Dream With Van Jones

Rachel Solomon
05/17/2012 at 8:00 p.m.

Van Jones spent six months in the White House as the green jobs advisor for President Barack Obama. During that time, he helped oversee $80 billion in green energy recovery spending. Jones describes his time in Washington, D.C., as the best six months of his life — followed by the worst two weeks of his life, when he suddenly found himself a grassroots outsider instead of a White House insider.

In this talk given at Seattle's Town Hall on April 23, 2012, Jones talks about his experience in the other Washington and the new national movement he has launched called Rebuild the Dream. Jones defends progressive values as he speaks about politics, patriotism and how to rebuild an America that promises opportunity to all.


Van Jones is an environmental advocate, civil rights activist and attorney. His most recent book is called "Rebuild the Dream."

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