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Destination Freedom


A series of programs written by Richard Durham that showcase the achievements of prominent African Americans. This revised edition features Langston Hughes and Dr. Charles Drew.

Destination Freedom premiered on June 27, 1948, in Chicago. It was a provocative series of half-hour programs written by Richard Durham that showcased the achievements of prominent African Americans. Airing at the height of the Golden Age of Radio, a time when white-controlled media presented only degrading, stereotyped images of blacks, Destination Freedom was the first radio drama to use black actors instead of whites in black voice. It profiled African Americans who were, in the words of the author, "rebellious, biting, scornful, angry, and cocky." Durham once told an interviewer that the goal of his program was to cut through the false images of black life propagated through the popular arts. These revived editions are hosted by acclaimed musician, actor, and composer Oscar Brown Jr. and feature the series' original scripts supplemented by interviews with scholars and guest artists.

Produced by Donnie L. Betts and KUVO-FM/Denver.

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