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The End Of Football?, And Scoop Jackson At 100

Steve Scher
05/24/2012 at 10:00 a.m.

The End of Football? Maybe Closer Than You Think: When NFL fans flip on their television sets in 2013, they're going to see players wearing something extra: knee and thigh pads. The NFL is making the protective gear mandatory, and that's prompting some vocal opposition from players, the very people the league is trying to protect. The disagreement is the latest in a larger discussion about how to make football safer. But what if instead of padding, the debate was whether the physical cost of football is worth it at all? What would it take for the sport to disappear completely?

Scoop Jackson At 100: Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson was one of the most powerful politicians of his generation, and a man of complex political instincts. One hundred years after his birth, we discuss his life and legacy in politics.

Radio Retrospective: Gunsmoke Rehearses 'The New Hotel:' The western radio drama "Gunsmoke" was set in Dodge City and starred William Conrad as Marshal Matt Dillon. The show was dark and serious, gritty and deep. The rehearsals were another matter. Today we find out why the rehearsals for "Gunsmoke" came to be known as "Dirty Saturdays."

Recommended Eating: Food writer Sara Dickerman joins us with a lunch recommendation. Prefer to cook for yourself? She also has a pick for a great cookbook!


Kevin Grier teaches economics at the University of Oklahoma. In his spare time, he explores how the dismal science sheds light on the workings of the sport.

Pete Jackson is a writer and journalist, and the son of Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson.

Sara Dickerman writes for Slate, Saveur, The New York Times and other publications. She's also blogging at Sara

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