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Archbishop, American Nuns To Meet In Rome

Carolyn Adolph

"We'll talk in Rome." That's what Seattle Archbishop Peter Sartain has told the largest group of nuns in the United States.

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious recently learned that Sartain will be in charge of reforming their organization in order to comply with Roman Catholic Church doctrine.


June 12 is when representatives of American nuns will meet the Seattle Archbishop and Cardinal William Levada, the man who launched an investigation against them. Levada accused the nuns of radical feminism and said they were in conflict with church doctrine.

The investigation found the nuns had unsanctioned ideas about women as priests. And they were too quiet about church priorities like stopping same–sex marriage.

Archbishop Sartain was put in charge of reforming the nuns' organizations. He says the American nuns can expect an atmosphere of openness and honesty when they meet in Rome.

The nuns say they haven't seen that yet. They say the Vatican's investigation never allowed them to deal head–on with the accusations they faced. And they say the report putting them under Sartain's control was full of statements that weren't true.

The result? Scandal, pain and more division, say the nuns.

The nuns say they'll meet in August to determine their next steps.

Carolyn Adolph, KUOW News.

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