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Marching Bands Honor Friends Lost In Seattle Shootings

Sara Lerner

Cafe Racer is still overflowing with flowers and momentos, in memorial to the people killed in Seattle last week. And yesterday KUOW's Sara Lerner attended a march in their memory.


Seattle's fifth annual Honk Fest West ended last night. Street marching bands from Seattle and all over the country come together for it: some with a more punk edge, some samba bands, and New Orleans brass. That style inspired the short march at Seattle Center yesterday, squeezed in between gigs across the city to honor their friends.

Drew Keriakedes and Joe Albanese played with the band Circus Contraption for more than a decade. They were well known artists among this crowd. Trumpet player Cat Holmes was in one of the Seattle bands until she moved to Mexico a few months ago. She dated Joe Albanese for two years.

Holmes: "I came up for the funeral and I was like, there's no way people are gonna play for him and I'm not gonna be there playing."

She said he was one of the most intense people she ever knew.

Holmes: "I don't know honey I'm probably gonna cry. I'm just trying to figure out how I can like play and cry at the same time."

Cry and play trumpet: that's exactly what she did which looked pretty tricky. As many as 20 different bands came together to play this song and remember their friends.

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KUOW's Sara Lerner was there — with as many as 20 marching bands, honoring the victims killed in the shootings in Seattle last week.

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