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Classically Black: Samuel Coleridge-Taylor


The Classically Black series showcases outstanding classical musicians of African descent. This program features composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor,

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor began studying violin at age six and showed an early aptitude for composition. Throughout his youth, he distinguished himself in music and composition. He was warmly received in America as well. While visiting New York, he was hailed by one critic as "the black Mahler." His performance in the nation's capital was also highly praised, although opportunities to perform and promote his work fully were limited because of racial segregation. The Hiawatha cantata is perhaps Coleridge-Taylor's best known composition, one he later extended as Scenes from the Song of Hiawatha, all based on Longfellow's poem. Some music historians feel that his most accomplished works were his symphonic compositions based on African and African American melodies.

Hosted by WILL-FMs Roger Cooper.

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