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Gloria Leonidas' Life Celebrated By Family, Friends

Patricia Murphy

Friends and family gathered at a Seattle church to remember Gloria Leonidas Thursday. Leonidas was killed last week as she fought with the gunman who also killed four others that day. KUOW's Patricia Murphy reports.


Reverend Father Photios Dumont knew Gloria Leonidas well. She was the first person he met when he arrived at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church eight years ago.

He says she can never be replaced.

Dumont: "God chose her. God said today is the day you're coming home to me — in a way totally unexpected, in a way that we can never understand or comprehend. But there's something that our faith teaches us. And it teaches us that God really is in control and he could have stopped those shootings. He could have intervened, but he chose not to."

The reasons why, he said, are not for us to know now, but he said that faith teaches in the end all will be revealed.

Dumont called Leonidas an amazing person who never hesitated to tell you how she felt.

The Bellevue woman was also known as a talented lighting designer.

Dumont said he was quite sure Leonidas was giving God her opinion about the lighting up there.

The service was followed by a private luncheon and a graveside service.

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas publicized that they would protest outside the funeral, but they never showed up.

I'm Patricia Murphy, KUOW News.

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