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Pinball Wizards At The Seattle Center

David Hyde
06/12/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

Candidates For Governor Face Off In Their First Debate: Candidates Rob McKenna and Jay Inslee hold their first debate in the race for governor this afternoon. Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins will moderate the debate, which will focus on economic issues. Correspondent Jessica Robinson has the story.

Seattle Restaurant Owner Helps Bust Major Fraud Operation: When the owner of a local restaurant began receiving complaints from customers about suspicious credit card charges, he contacted the police, who brought in the Secret Service. With his help, authorities were able to bust the cybercriminals, who had stolen over 44,000 credit card numbers nationwide. KUOW's Liz Jones reports.

Secrets That Aren't Secret: This week the White House announced that they'd killed a major member of Al Qaeda, but would not reveal how they'd killed him. They used a targeted drone strike; a program which is widely known but still technically classified. New York Times reporter Scott Shane tells "On The Media's" Bob Garfield that the administration's coy attitude towards classified secrets is stifling public debate.

Pinball Wizards At The Seattle Center: KUOW's David Hyde went to the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show at the Seattle Center last weekend to ask, why do people play pinball? He found a complex game with a growing group of devotees.

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