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Jack Shafer On The Slow Death Of Daily Newspapers, And Where To Find Cheaper Airfare?

David Hyde
06/13/2012 at 12:40 p.m.

Jack Shafer On The Slow Death Of Daily Newspapers: The number of people who read daily newspapers has been dropping like a stone since 1999. And newspapers all over the country are cutting the number of days they publish, or just shutting their doors for good. What's causing the death of print media? We ask Jack Shafer, the media columnist for He says the Internet is not to blame.

Where To Find Cheaper Airfares? The average round–trip domestic ticket is $431 this summer, but tons of websites advertise cheaper fares. But what actually works? We talk to an expert about how to get the best deals.


Jack Shafer covers media for's opinion section. Prior to joining Reuters, he edited and wrote the column "Press Box" for Slate.

Jennifer Sera is the founder and blogger for the site Jennifer spent the past six years on the road, traveling over 100,000 miles annually and spending over 100 nights a year in hotels while on the job.

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