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Music Critic Gavin Borchert: The Freelance Life Of Mozart

Dave Beck

The life of a contemporary freelance worker is all about finding the right balance. You have to get paid for your work, but you also want to do work that matters. That's something that even Mozart had to figure out back in the late 18th century.

Seattle Weekly music critic and composer Gavin Borchert describes Mozart as one of the original freelancers. Gavin's been listening to a new recording of string quartets written in 1789. These quartets took the cello to places it had never been before. That's because Mozart was writing with a special client in mind — Friedrich Wilhelm II, the cello–playing King of Prussia. Gavin Borchert speaks with KUOW's Dave Beck about the Emerson String Quartet's new recording of Mozart's "King of Prussia" string quartets.

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