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A Journey To The Center Of The Internet With Wired's Andrew Blum

Steve Scher
06/20/2012 at 9:00 a.m.

Restoring King Street Station: Seattle's King Street Station was once the grand, main entrance to the city. Designed by the same duo that conceived New York's Grand Central Station, King Street recalls a time when Seattle was still establishing itself as a major city in the West. Steve Scher takes a walking tour through the station, partway through a massive restoration project.

A World Unified Through Dance On YouTube: Tens of millions of people have watched YouTube videos of Matt Harding dancing all over the world. His videos are silly and moving, showing the similarities and joy people share across cultures in a very visual way. His new video goes out today and includes a huge range of locations including Syria, North Korea and Pakistan.

A Journey To The Center Of The Internet: Turns out, the late Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was right: the Internet is all about the tubes. Andrew Blum set out to explore the servers, wires and data ports that make up the physical internet. What he found was a disconnect between the actual internet and the people who try to legislate its use.


Trevina Wang is the King Street Station's program manager for the Seattle Department of Transportation.

Grace Morrison is owner of Tacoma–based Bear Wood Windows. The company has been working on restoring the historic windows in King Street Station.

Matt Harding is an Internet filmmaker who jokingly calls himself an "Internet dancing sensation." His videos, which show him dancing all over the world, have been seen by millions of people.

Andrew Blum writes about architecture, technology and infrastructure. He is a correspondent for Wired and a contributing editor to Metropolis. His book is "Tubes: A Journey To The Center Of The Internet."

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