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Health-Care Reform, And Border Politics

Steve Scher
06/22/2012 at 9:00 a.m.

A Health–Care Reform Case Study In Washington State: The news this week was notable for one thing it lacked: a Supreme Court decision on President Obama's Affordable Care Act. Now journalists, court watchers and health–policy wonks will have to wait another weekend to learn whether the Supremes think the federal government can require citizens to buy health insurance. But as it turns out, Washington state already serves as an interesting case study in what might happen if the Supreme Court strikes down part of the health care law.

'Run For The Border:' Goods, guns and drugs cross the US–Mexico border with ease. So does culture. Seattle University law professor Steven Bender says the border is too culturally fluid to be contained by a fence. He offers up a framework for what he calls an honest and workable border policy in his new book, "Run For The Border."

An Unusual Wolf: Koani was a captive–bred wolf. She lived with two humans and a dog her whole life, and was an ambassador to classrooms around the world. The new documentary about her life and legacy is called "True Wolf: The True Story Of Koani And Her Unusual Pack."

Weekend Weather Forecast: Nick Bond joins us with a look at the weekend weather.

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"True Wolf" opens tonight at the Varsity Theater. Director Rob Whitehair will attend a 4:00 p.m. screening at SIFF Cinema at the Uptown.


Sarah Kliff is a health policy blogger at the Washington Post.

Steven Bender is a Seattle University law professor and author of "Run For The Border: Vice And Virtue On The US–Mexico Border Crossings."

Rob Whitehair is the director/producer of "True Wolf: The True Story of Koani and Her Unusual Pack."

Nick Bond is the Washington state climatologist. He works at the Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Ocean.

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