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Want To Know Where Love Is? The Brain.

David Hyde
06/22/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

Minority Groups Want Voice In Police Reforms: The Department of Justice is calling for reforms of the Seattle Police Department, particularly to deal with reports of excessive use of force, often against minorities. A multiracial task force initially put forth a complaint to the Department of Justice pushing for police reforms. Now these minority leaders want to make sure their voices are still heard in the negotiations. KUOW's Liz Jones has more.

Washington's "Rural Information Ghetto": Washington might having a thriving technology industry, especially in the Puget Sound area, but a new Washington State University report says that much of the state is a rural information ghetto. The report says that parts of the state do not have access to information about what is happening in their own communities. Correspondent Glenn Mosley reports.

Where In Your Brain Is Love? What happens in your brain when you experience love? What is the mental link between love and desire? We talk to a neuroscientist for more.

State Tries New Tactic To Cut ER Visits by Medicaid Patients: Since last September, Washington hospitals and emergency room physicians have been at odds with the state over how best to cut costs from ER overuse by Medicaid patients. For now, ER doctors will try to address the problem their way. But if it doesn't work, the state will impose a bigger change. KUOW's Ruby de Luna has the update.


Jim Pfaus is a professor of psychology at Concordia University whose research interests include the neurobiology of love and sexual attraction.

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