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Whooping Cough Cases Spreading And The Online Emergency Room

Ross Reynolds
07/19/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

Whooping Cough Cases Spreading In Washington: The whooping cough epidemic is getting worse in Washington. The number of cases has topped 3,000 already. This time last year, there were only 200.

Washington Investment: There's a government office in Olympia where employees travel the globe and titans of Wall Street are regular visitors. The singer Bono even dropped in once after a concert. To get maximum return on Washington state's $85 billion investment portfolio, the State Investment Board goes to some pretty exotic places.

House Bug: Federal agriculture officials say the Northwest has the first appearance in the country of an invasive insect known as the elm seed bug. The pest was discovered in southern Idaho. It doesn't pose a threat to crops or livestock, but it could prove to be a major nuisance for homeowners.

The Online Emergency Room: Seattle–based company Carena, Inc. is bringing the doctor's office to you. Their staff of physicians and nurse practitioners can diagnose common ills and recommend health care options over the phone or by web and video chat. Some of their doctors will even make house calls.


Ralph C. Derrickson is the president and CEO of Carena, Inc.

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