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New Technology To Fight Human Trafficking, And Starbucks Gives New Yorkers The Cold Shoulder

Ross Reynolds
07/23/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

Experts Turn To Technology To Fight Human Trafficking Online: Researchers in the tech sphere are gathering data that about human trafficking online. danah boyd has organized a project at Microsoft that brings victims together with researchers in order to detect patterns, keywords and trends.

New York Coffee Drinkers Feel Rebuffed By Starbucks: In New York City, many Starbucks customers are mourning the loss of creature comforts like discounted or free refills, easy outlet access for their laptops and comfy chairs. Patty Edwards analyzes the shift in Starbucks' policies and why they're developing a harder edge.

Department Of Licensing Sends 'Not Cool' Message: Washington's Department of Licensing has started a letter–writing campaign to drivers ages 16–21 when they commit traffic violations. The letters start with the phrase "Not Cool," and parents find the language — and the letter — an unnecessary insult added to injury.


Patty Edwards is an analyst for Trutina Financial.

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