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Raising Gender-Variant Kids

Steve Scher
07/26/2012 at 9:00 a.m.

Why China Is Betting Big On A Small Island: China has a new city, but it's not immense like other Chinese cities. Sansha is a remote island in the South China Sea. It has a tiny airstrip, a post office, a bank, a supermarket and a hospital. About 1,000 people live there, and freshwater is brought in by boat from China, 13 hours away. What's attracting international attention, however, is not the city's size, it's the reason Bejing created it — to strengthen a toehold in the world's most disputed — and potentially rich waters. The move has some China watchers voicing concern.

District 10 Shorts — Sue Gunn: Candidate Sun Gunn takes us to a important place of her choosing that symbolizes a significant issue in District 10.

Raising Gender–Variant Kids: In the past, parents of transgender or gender non–conforming children encouraged their kids to conform to society's expectations. That approach didn't work. According to a survey by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the attempted–suicide rate for transgender adults is a shockingly high at 41 percent. So what should parents be doing? How can they raise a healthy transgender child? How can they address their own judgments and worries? What is the responsibility of communities and schools? We'll get first–hand accounts and answers your questions at 1.800.289.KUOW (5869)

Science, Spirituality And Wine: The newest trend in winemaking combines astrology, homeopathy and geology. It's a holistic approach to farming that doesn't include any chemical additives or pesticides, but does include harvesting on the right solar and lunar cycles. The soil is a compost mix made from stag bladders and animal skulls. Some say it's better than organic farming, and others say it's new age hocus pocus. Does combining science and spirituality yield a better flavor?

Art Of Our City: Summer in the Pacific Northwest is a great time to be outside. Three years ago artist Susan Robb decided to take our penchant for the outdoors and transform it into something more: a participatory public art event. Robb is creator of "The Long Walk," a four–day, 45–mile hike through the cities, suburbs, forests and farms of King County. Susan Robb talks to Marcie Sillman about this group trek, and why she considers it art.

Sound Of The Day: Today's sound proves that camping isn't always peaceful. Hear an interesting sound? Send it to us at with "Sound of the Day" in the subject line.

Related Event

The Gender Odyssey Family Conference is August 2–5 in Seattle. Visit to register.


Stephanie Kleine–Ahlbrandt is China advisor and Northeast Asia project director at the International Crisis Group.

Sue Gunn is running for Congress in Washington's 10th District.

Aidan Key is the director of Gender Diversity, an educational organization that seeks to increase the awareness and understanding of transgender children, teens and adults. His annual conference, Gender Odyssey, provides families and professionals with up–to–date information and access to national experts in the field of gender.

Status Causey is a sex educator at Babeland Seattle.

Paul Beveridge is a winemaker at Wilridge Winery that grows biodynamcally near Yakima in the brand new Naches Heights AVA.

Susan Robb is an artist and the creator of "The Long Walk."

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