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City And Feds Reach Tentative Agreement On Police Reforms

Steve Scher
07/27/2012 at 9:00 a.m.

City And Feds Reach Tentative Agreement On Police Reforms: The City of Seattle has reached a tentative agreement with the Department of Justice on how to reform the Seattle Police Department according to reports in the Seattle Times Thursday. Discussions are now reportedly focused on the final details. One of those details is a so–called consent decree. So how does a consent decree work, anyway? How much does it cost? And how might Seattle's version of it hold up in comparison with other cities?

District 10 Shorts — Denny Heck: Candidate Denny Heck takes us to an important place of his choosing that symbolizes a significant issue in District 10.

Quick Home Repair Question With Roger Faris: Roger Faris drops by to answer one of your home repair questions. Today's answer looks into a mysterious laundry room odor. If you have questions you'd like Roger to answer, email us at with "Home Repair" in the subject line.

Sound Of The Day: Today's sound might be comforting or frightening depending on where you hear it. Hear a cool sound? Record it and send it with "Sound of the Day" in the subject line to

Weekend Weather Forecast: Nick Bond joins us with a look at the weekend weather.

Candidate For Governor, Jay Inslee: Jay Inslee appeared before the Bellingham City Club Wednesday afternoon. Steve Scher was the interviewer. As the governor's race heats up, we bring you an edited excerpt from that conversation.


Brendan McCarthy is a crime reporter with the New Orleans Times Picayune.

Roger Faris is "Weekday's" home repair expert and director emeritus of the Phinney Neighborhood Center Well Home Program. He's also the Hazard Mitigation Community Education Outreach (CEO) Supervisor for FEMA.

Jay Inslee is running for Washington state governor.

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