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Stomach Problems, And The Buzz Around The Water Cooler

Katy Sewall
07/30/2012 at 10:00 a.m.

Mayor McGinn On SPD, DOJ And More: Negotiations between the city and the Department of Justice over how to reform the Seattle Police Department are finished. Last Friday, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez held a press conference. They announced an agreement that averts a DOJ lawsuit against the city and implements a consent decree to be overseen by a court–appointed monitor and a federal judge. Mayor Mike McGinn joins us with more details.

Stomach Problems? 'But I Used to Feel Fine!' If your stomach felt fine most of your life and now it's frequently upset, what happened? How can you feel good again? Last week, Dr. Steven Wangen from the IBS Treatment Center gave us an overview of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and what can be done about it. This week he joins us to address those of you with emerging stomach ailments. He'll also talk about dairy allergies.

The Buzz Around The Water Cooler: We gather around the virtual radio water cooler to discuss the buzz of the day. The Olympics took center stage this weekend. We'll talk about how things went. And if you haven't heard, the fast food chain Chick–Fil–A isn't a fan of same–sex marriage. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, meanwhile, has given $2.5 million to support gay marriage in Washington state. Should corporations be involved in social debates?


David Schmader is associate editor at The Stranger and author of solo plays "Letter to Axl," "Straight," and his latest, "A Short–Term Solution To A Long–Term Problem."

John Roderick is an American musician and writer. He is currently the lead singer and guitarist in the band The Long Winters and was formerly a touring member of the band Harvey Danger.

Yvette Moy is a blogger and longtime friend of the show. She's blogging at

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn.

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