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Rajan Krishnaswami

Marcie Sillman/Dave Beck

Live music from cellist Rajan Krishnaswami.

Also this hour:

A talk with writer Carl Hiaasen about his novel, Basket Case.

At 2:00pm - Rajan Krishnaswami
Cellist Rajan Krishnaswami and Pianist Mark Salman have presented concerts and master classes together across the US, Canada and in China. In their upcoming recital this weekend Rajan Krishnaswami will present the public debut of his recently acquired cello, a rare and valuable instrument known as the ex-Davidoff Guadagnini. Built in 1780, the instrument once belonged to the 19th century Russian virtuoso Karl Davidoff and was later owned by a distinguished former principal cellist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Cellist Rajan Krishnaswami and Pianist Mark Salman introduce the instrument in live performance on the Beat.

Related Information:
They will perform together Town Hall on Sunday, February 24 at 2PM. For information call 206 283 3392 or Ticket Window 206 325 6500. Proceeds from the recital benefit the Seattle Conservatory of Music.

At 2:30pm - Carl Hiaasen
Miami Sun columnist Carl Hiaasen has earned a reputation in his native Florida for being tough on glib talking hucksters and lying politicians. He's earned a reputation around the country for his sly fiction. Hiaasen has published almost a dozen novels that loosely fit into the mystery category. They all tackle the same kinds of issues he's known for taking on in his journalism. Hiaasen's most recent novel, Basket Case, is the story of a once glamorous investigative reporter who's been sent down to the obituary page. Hiaasen tells a savagely funny story about the world of journalism and money, and rock and roll wannabes. He talks with Marcie Sillman in this archive broadcast.

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