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Seattle Arena Update, And Dale Doornek Goes 'Over The Edge'

Ross Reynolds
07/31/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

Garbage Strike Spreads: The garbage and recycle haulers' strike has expanded to Kitsap County. Waste Management tells customers to hold their trash until next week. KUOW's Ann Dornfield explains.

Basketball Fans Cheer King County Council Vote On Arena: The proposed sports arena in Seattle's Sodo neighborhood has cleared its first hurdle. The King County Council voted yesterday 6 to 3 in favor of moving forward on the plan. But County Council members insist this is not a final vote, it's only the first step in a multi–stage process. KUOW's Deborah Wang explains what's likely to happen next.

Artic Drilling Is Delayed: Shell Oil is scaling back its plans for drilling in the Arctic Ocean this year. Icy conditions in the far North and construction problems in Bellingham have delayed the company's efforts. KUOW's John Ryan reports.

Video Could Save Medical Interpreter Costs: It happens more than 200,000 times a year in doctors' offices throughout Washington: An interpreter is called in to help bridge a language barrier between the physician and patient. Soon though, that interpreter may join the appointment by phone or even video. Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins explains.

Dale Doornek Goes 'Over The Edge': Dale Doornek is a paraplegic and won second place for his class in the 2004 NPC Wheelchair Bodybuilding Nationals. He's hoping to become the first person in Washington state to rappel down a 490-foot building in a wheelchair. He joins us to tell us about his daring feat.


Dale Doornek won second place for his class in the 2004 NPC Wheelchair Bodybuilding Nationals.

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