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Olympics, Radio Retrospective, And Recommended Eating

Steve Scher
08/02/2012 at 10:00 a.m.

Olympics Badminton Scandal: Four women's doubles teams were disqualified from competition for throwing their matches. But cheating at the Olympics is not new. There have been doping scandals in the past, shady officiating and bribes. What's unique about the Great Badminton Scandal of 2012 is that the Olympic Ideal is what's taking a beating. We talk with Jay Coakley of the University of Colorado.

#NBCFAIL?: More than 38 million people tuned in for Tuesday nights coverage of the Olympics. But across the internet, revolts are underway by those upset over NBC for saving all of the best events for prime time, with a major delay for those of us on the West Coast. Is it possible to keep a huge event like the Olympics under wraps in the digital age?

Radio Retrospective: In the early days of radio, the idea of a studio audience was new — but it quickly took hold. A laughing audience livened up comedy shows and radio shows came to occupy some of the nicest playhouses on Broadway. We'll hear how the radio audience of yesterday shaped TV audience of today, and had a hand in creating the laugh–track heard today.

Recommended Eating: Food writer Sara Dickerman joins us with a lunch recommendation.


Jay Coakley is a professor emeritus at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and he is the author of "Sports in Society: Issues and Controversies."

Chris Pirillo is founder of Lockergnome, a network of blogs, web forums, mailing lists, and online communities.

Sara Dickerman writes for Slate, The New York Times and other publications. She's also blogging at

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