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ACT Theater Takes A Comical Look At Unemployment

Liz Jones
08/06/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

King County Opens The Door For Heat Energy From Wastewater: The Department of Energy estimates that 350 billion KWH of energy are flushed down drains in the form of heated water. King County is one of the first counties in the nation to try to do something about all that wasted heat energy. KUOW's Ashley Ahearn reports.

Washington Capitol Dome To Get $1M Bath: Washington's Capitol dome is about to get a bath for the first time in eight years. The sandstone dome has turned from tan to black, especially on the north side. Austin Jenkins spoke with the foreman in charge of the cleaning and repair job.

Surprising Real Estate Segment Booms: The housing market in the Northwest is finally showing signs of recovery, but there's one sector of real estate that never let up during the economic downturn. Real estate agents who sell what's known as "survival realty" are experiencing boom times. Jessica Robinson takes us inside a remote corner of the Northwest that has been a hotspot for home buyers wanting to ride out disaster — natural or otherwise.

ACT Theatre Takes A Comical Look At Unemployment: There's a new play on stage at ACT Theatre about the life of the unemployed called "99 Layoffs." We talk to local playwright Vincent Delaney about his comedy and the truths he hoped to reveal.


Vincent Delaney is Seattle playwright. He is the writer of "99 Layoffs" playing at ACT Theatre from now until August 25.

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