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Latest On The Taylor Bridge Fire, And A Reality Show About Microsoft?

Ross Reynolds
08/17/2012 at 12:00 p.m.

Latest On The Taylor Bridge Fire: Many of the residents who had to run for their lives from the central Washington Taylor Bridge wildfire are being allowed back into the evacuation area today to see whether their homes are still standing. Residents are returning to the south and east side of the 35–square–mile burn zone. KUOW's Ann Dornfeld brings us the latest on the central Washington fire.

Assessing The Cost Of Taylor Bridge Fire: Emergency managers in central Washington have started to collect damage reports from businesses and homeowners affected by this week's destructive wildfire. That's a prerequisite to apply for federal disaster assistance. State fire investigators have established that the Taylor Bridge fire was human–caused and as the fire grows, so does the cost of fighting it. Tom Banse reports.

Animals Also Suffer In Central Washington Fire: More than a hundred volunteers are caring for animals burned or displaced by the destructive Taylor Bridge fire in central Washington. Horses, pigs and cows are filling the Ellensburg Rodeo Fairgrounds. Correspondent Anna King spoke to volunteers there about the animal victims and what is being done.

More Money In King County To Fight Homelessness: King County has $1.5 million to spend over the next few years in an effort to keep young people from leaving home. Recent estimates show nearly 700 people under 25 lack permanent housing in the county. KUOW's Megan Walker reports.

Microsoft Programs Its Way Into Reality TV: Four veteran programmers have been competing for that opportunity to work at Microsoft on a new online reality show sponsored by the tech giant. It's an all–out effort complete with guest judges, intense competitions and a mansion for the competitors to stay in. Ross Reynolds talks with long–time techy and lead judge of the competition, Buck Woody, about the show.


Ann Dornfeld is a KUOW reporter.

Buck Woody is the lead judge of the web series "Be The Next Microsoft Employee."

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