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Ron Paul delegates (and alternates) Scott Shock, Kwan Lee, Derrin Tallman and Sarina Forbes. (KUOW Photo: Deborah Wang)

Ron Paul delegates (and alternates) Scott Shock, Kwan Lee, Derrin Tallman and Sarina Forbes. (KUOW Photo: Deborah Wang)

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Washington State's Ron Paul Delegates Looking For Respect At GOP Convention

Deborah Wang

Republican activists are preparing to descend on Tampa, Florida for the Republican National Convention. It's scheduled to kick off on Monday. Fourty–three delegates will represent the state of Washington. But not all are loyal to the party's presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney.

Five Washington state delegates and five alternates are pledged to candidate Ron Paul. He is the only other Republican contender still technically in the race. Four members of the Ron Paul contingent spoke with KUOW's Deborah Wang about their hopes for next week's convention, beginning with Seattle resident Scott Shock.


Shock: "So we recognize we're not likely to get a nomination for Ron Paul, but it's important that we participate in the process as fully as possible; that we begin to change the way people think and try to save this country, really, is what the bottom line is. Save freedom for my daughter here, for when she gets older, to have a free country and to have prosperity rather than a bankrupt country borrowing from China to bomb countries around the world, you know."

Darrin Tallman: "My name's Darrin Tallman. I'm an alternate delegate for Ron Paul to the 2012 RNC convention. I hope there's a forum for communication and debate. I don't think that we have debated the issues enough. My expectations right now, I just want fairness for everybody. I want everybody to be treated the exact same. Everybody's going there as all equals."

Kwan Lee: "Hi, my name's Kwan Lee. I think most of us want to be heard. And if we're not gonna get the nomination, my hope is that they do not ignore us. We exist, you know. And I don't think that's been shown at all. There's been a blackout from what I've seen, and it gets to be a little bit tiresome after a while."

Sarina Forbes: "Hi, my name is Sarina Forbes. I identify myself as a Ron Paul Republican. And I think going forward many of us will identify ourselves that way and we'll be seen as a force that will have to be considered and if not reckoned with. And so the Republican Party is set to change going forward."

I'm Deborah Wang, KUOW News.

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