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Mercer Street Reopens, GOP Convention Begins, And Hearing Nature

Marcie Sillman
08/27/2012 at 9:00 a.m.

Mercer Street Reopens To Two–Way Traffic: The so–called "Mercer Mess" will come to an end Monday morning as Mercer Street opens to two–way traffic for the first time since 1968. We talk with Seattle's Department of Transportation about the impact of the project and work still to be done in South Lake Union.

Republicans Postpone GOP Convention: Tropical Storm Isaac is rolling up the Gulf Coast of Florida this morning, on course to pass just west of Tampa where GOP party members have gathered for their 2012 national convention. Republican organizers have canceled all events for Monday except a symbolic 10–minute opening. Vice President Joe Biden also canceled a campaign swing through Florida on account of the storm, but protestors say they'll show up rain or shine. A leaner convention is scheduled to begin Tuesday. Joining us for an update on what a town full of eager delegates does when "Woodstock for Republicans" is postponed for a day is Jim Brunner from The Seattle Times.

'The Woman In 606:' Christopher Frizzelle told the haunting story of a neighbor's psychotic break and subsequent suicide in the latest issue of The Stranger. His feature, "The Woman in 606," also explores the aggravating effect marijuana can have on people with mental disorders. He joins us to discuss the ramifications and questions that followed this traumatic event.

Documenting The Sounds Of Nature: Many of us use headphones to drown out noise from the environment around us. What stories of the natural world are we missing? We sit down with nature recordist Jeff Rice to listen to the nature sounds we've forgotten how to hear.


Angela Brady is a project manager with Seattle's Department of Transportation.

Jim Brunner reports on politics for The Seattle Times. He is in Tampa reporting on the Republican National Convention this week and will be in Charlotte next week covering the Democratic National Convention.

Christopher Frizzelle is an editor at The Stranger.

Jeff Rice is co–founder of the Western Soundscape Archive and an editor at the Puget Sound Institute, a thinktank at the University of Washington dedicated to the analysis, synthesis and communication of science in support of the protection and restoration of Puget Sound.

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