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Wash. Students Improve On Statewide Math, Science Tests

Ann Dornfeld

Washington public school students did better this year on the state's standardized math and science tests. As KUOW's Ann Dornfeld reports, state Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn announced the test results Wednesday.


Public school students in Washington take the Measurement of Student Progress or MSP in third through eighth grade, and again in 10th grade.

When fifth–graders took the science portion of the MSP test last year, a little more than half of them passed. This year, two–thirds passed.

Superintendent Dorn says the science score improvements came after he encouraged greater emphasis on the subject in elementary schools.

Randy Dorn: "I believe that's getting a handle on our standards and having actually more instructions in the actual schools on science. I think that's what you contribute it to."

It's also only the second year the science test has been offered. Test scores often improve as teachers get better at preparing students for a test.

Writing scores were down slightly this year. And reading scores were mixed.

Seattle's scores tracked closely with the statewide improvements and declines.

Dorn said he'll soon propose major changes to the state's standardized testing system to get Washington students ready for the national curriculum standard called Common Core.

I'm Ann Dornfeld, KUOW News.

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