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DNC Update From Charlotte, And Seattle Fringe Returns

Marcie Sillman
09/06/2012 at 9:00 a.m.

DNC Update From Charlotte: Former President Bill Clinton was center stage on day two of the Democratic Party convention. We get impressions of Clinton's speech and a look ahead to President Obama's address tonight.

Seattle Turning The Corner? Recent activity suggests that real estate development in Seattle is coming back to life. Seattle Times reporter Eric Pryne joins us to talk about the new waves of development taking shape in the city.

Art Of Our City – Seattle Fringe: Seattle's a theater town, from the 5th Avenue and its Broadway musicals to productions at many local high schools. For years, a staple of the theater community was the annual Fringe Theater Festival. The Festival died a quiet death several years ago, but now supporters have revived the Fringe.

A Postcard From Europe: Steve Scher joins us with the latest installment in his journey exploring the cultural and political landscapes of modern Europe.

RadioActive Features – 'Froshing' Explained: Radioactive's Halle Bills tells us about the high school tradition of hazing or "froshing." At schools across the country, freshmen are humiliated in front of their friends at the beginning of every school year. Maybe they play sports, maybe they have upperclassmen siblings, or maybe they're simply unlucky.


Eric Pryne is a business reporter for The Seattle Times.

Meaghan Darling is on the Seattle Fringe Festival Steering Committee.

Sean Ryan is programs & facilities director at On the Boards.

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