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Molly Ringwald: 'When It Happens To You'

Katy Sewall
09/14/2012 at 9:00 a.m.

Wildfires Continue To Burn In Central Washington: Five major wildfires continue to burn this morning in the hills around Wentachee, a city near the center of the state. Gov. Chris Gregoire visited the Wenatchee yesterday and promised more state resources to help fight the wildfires. The governor signed an emergency declaration for all the state's counties east of the Cascade Mountains. That means fire crews can now use National Guard helicopters to dump water on the blazes. Two were put into use this morning.

Molly Ringwald: 'When It Happens To You' People mainly recognize Molly Ringwald from her teenage characters in iconic John Hughes films like "The Breakfast Club" and "Pretty in Pink." A lot has happened since then. For one, she's now a published novelist. Her new book, "When It Happens To You: A Novel In Stories" tackles the very human heartbreak caused by betrayal. It also interweaves feelings of acceptance, longing, forgiveness, loss and self–discovery. Molly Ringwald joins us to talk about her life in writing and acting.

From Hollywood To Mars: Human imagination and scientific innovation are the ideas behind an upcoming concert by Seattle's Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra. PNB conductor and space enthusiast Emil DeCou talks with KUOW's Dave Beck about why musicians are boldly going where no ballet orchestra has gone before.

RadioActive Features: Seattle Man Chooses A Transient Life In Order To Make Art: Samaj an artist living in Seattle who has just had to move for the fifth time in four years. As he gets older, it's becoming harder and harder for him to expose and sell his paintings. RadioActive producer Daniel Metz has his story.

Weekend Weather Forecast: Nick Bond joins us with a look at the weekend weather.

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KUOW's Dave Beck moderates a post–concert discussion following Pacific Northwest Ballet's "From Hollywood to Mars" performance on Sunday, September 16.


Molly Ringwald is an actress, singer and writer. Her new book is "When It Happens To You: A Novel In Stories."

Emil DeCou is music director and principal conductor for the Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Nick Bond is the Washington state climatologist. He works at the Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Ocean.

Janet Pearce is spokesperson for Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

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