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David Quammen On New Frontiers Of Disease

Steve Scher
10/09/2012 at 9:00 a.m.

Greece Prepares For Merkel Visit: German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in Greece today for her first visit in five years. Officials in Athens worry her visit will spark a wave of anti–austerity. Greece needs to find another $17.5 billion worth of cutbacks for the next two years in order to qualify for its next rescue loan. According to Nick Malkoutzis, the Eurozone is nearing a "make or break" moment with Greece. He joins us from Athens to talk about the Euro economy and Merkel's visit.

David Quammen On New Frontiers Of Disease: Author David Quammen's newest book of nonfiction, "Spillover," is about the strange new diseases that began in animals and could someday infect humans. He says the next human pandemic is only a matter of time. Scared? Quammen says perhaps you should be. He joins us to discuss the spillover infections we know about from the past, and those that might lie ahead.

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David Quammen speaks tonight at Seattle's Town Hall at 7:30 p.m.


David Quammen is the author of four books of fiction and seven books of nonfiction, including "The Song of the Dodo." He writes for magazines such as Esquire, Outside, Rolling Stone, The New York Times Book Review, The Atlantic and Harper's.

Nick Malkoutzis is the deputy editor of the Kathimerini English Edition. He joins us from Athens.

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