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Greendays Gardening: Pledge Drive Edition

Steve Scher
10/09/2012 at 10:00 a.m.

Tracking Tigers On Planet Earth: The wild tiger is disappearing. Studying the few that are left is hard work. The elusive creatures have rarely been filmed in the wild. Bellingham–based ecologist Chris Morgan set off on a quest to track the Siberian Tiger in the wild. His report airs on PBS this week on "Nature."

Greendays Gardening Panel: Flowers, Vegetables And Native Plants Our gardening panel joins us to answer your flower, vegetable and native plant questions. Call us with your questions at 206.543.5869 (KUOW) or toll free 800.289.5869 (KUOW). You can also email

The Weather And Hike Of The Week Michael Fagin suggests a hike that matches the week's weather forecast.


Chris Morgan has been reporting on bears and tigers for the PBS series "Nature." He studies grizzlies in the Northwest with the Grizzly Bear Outreach Project. His films include "Beartrek."

Willi Galloway is the host of the gardening and cooking website called Her book new book is "Grow, Cook, Eat."

Debra Prinzing is a garden, home and design writer for publications like the Los Angeles Times, Sunset and Better Homes & Gardens, and author of "The 50 Mile Bouquet."

Michael Fagin is with West Coast Weather LLC. His blog, Fagin's Weather World, suggests good hikes to match the weekend weather forecast.

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