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Canada, Culture And Commerce: Vaughn Palmer, Robert Horton, Michael Parks

Steve Scher
10/10/2012 at 10:00 a.m.

Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer brings us the latest news from Canada. We look at what's happening at the movies with Robert Horton. Then, we'll get a look at the latest business news with Michael Parks.


Vaughn Palmer is a political correspondent for the Vancouver Sun.

Robert Horton is a film critic and longtime contributor to KUOW. You can find his reviews in the Everett Herald and at his blog, The Crop Duster. Robert also hosts Magic Lantern, a monthly series of discussions on cinema at the Frye Art Museum.

Michael Parks is editor emeritus of the Marple's Northwest Business Letter, a resource about the economy and companies of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. He also writes about business at

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