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A Conversation With Andrei Codrescu

Steve Scher
10/11/2012 at 9:00 a.m.

A Conversation With Andrei Codrescu: Poet and NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu is preparing for the death of the written word. His latest, "Bibliodeath: My Archives (With Life In Footnotes)," looks at his own four–decade writing career to examine how language and technology have evolved. The rebirth of words into new forms, he writes, is like "the passage of the soul from one body into another." Andrei Codrescu joins us.

Art Of Our City: 'Stairway To Heaven,' Cello Style: In June, former Seattle Symphony principal cellist Joshua Roman was in the KUOW studios, along with current Symphony cellists Roberta Downey and Walter Gray, and KUOW host and cellist–in–residence Dave Beck. We do a lot of live music in our performance studio, but this rendition of "Stairway to Heaven" arranged by Roman — with him on the Jimmy Page licks — was something special.


Andrei Codrescu is a poet, novelist, essayist and regular commentator for NPR, and founder and editor–in–chief of the literary journal "Exquisite Corpse." His latest book is "Bibliodeath: My Archives (With Life In Footnotes).

Joshua Roman is former principle cellist for the Seattle Symphony.

Dave Beck is a KUOW host and a freelance cellist.

Roberta Downey is a cellist with the Seattle Symphony.

Walter Gray is a cellist with the Seattle Symphony.

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