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KUOW Presents

Orca Odyssey


In 1965 Ted Griffin rode on the back of a killer whale in the waters off Seattle. The relationship between orca and man has never been the same since.

For more information, or to listen to this piece, visit the Orca Odyssey page.

More than 60 killer whales were exported from Puget Sound to aquariums around the world. Orca captures are now banned, but the whale population in the Pacific Northwest has continued to decline, because of toxins, scarcity of salmon. And now, in what can only be called a desperate attempt to keep the orcas wild and free, scientists, for the first time ever, have captured an orphaned killer whale in Seattle, and reunited its pod in Canada. Join us for a story of adventure and redemption, as we meet the people who have been on this Orca Odyssey.

Produced by KUOW reporter Cathy Duchamp.

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