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Nickels Sworn in as Seattle Mayor

Sam Eaton

Greg Nickels kept his speech short yesterday (Mon) after being sworn in as Seattle’s new mayor. But he says he still plans to make good on his long list of campaign promises. KUOW’s Sam Eaton reports.

AFTER TAKING THE OATH OF OFFICE FROM FORMER MAYOR NORM RICE, NICKELS TOLD A PACKED HOUSE OF CITY WORKERS, POLITICIANS AND THEIR FAMILIES THAT THE JOB OF THE MAYOR IS TO SEEK THE COMMON GOOD. HE SAYS HE INTENDS DO THAT BY CONCENTRATING ON THE BASICS. I set forth a lot of goals and commitments in my campaign and I intend to keep those promises. I call them my “get it done list” for city departments. We’re going to take practical steps but we’re going to act quickly and decisively and aggressively on behalf of the people of this city. And at the end of the day the people will see that we are serious about putting our city to work and making a difference in people’s lives. NICKELS SAYS DESPITE THE CHALLENGES SEATTLE FACES HE’S OPTIMISTIC ABOUT THE FUTURE. HE APPEALED TO THE CITY COUNCIL FOR PARTNERSHIP IN ACHIEVING HIS GOALS OF IMPROVED TRANSPORTATION, PUBLIC SAFETY AND A LEANER CITY BUDGET. BUT HE’S ALREADY OFF TO A ROUGH START WITH SOME COUNCILMEMBERS. ONE OF THOSE IS RICHARD CONLIN, WHO WAS ALSO SWORN IN AT THE CEREMONY. HE SAYS HE’S ANGRY THAT NICKELS FIRED JIM DIERS, THE WELL-RESPECTED HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT OF NEIGHBORHOODS. AND CONLIN WANTS TO MAKE SURE THE PUBLIC HAS A SAY IN WHOMEVER’S CHOSEN TO REPLACE HIM. I and council member Licata have asked the mayor to convene a formal public process similar to what we use to select the police chief and fire chief in which we would have public participation in a selection panel in order to do that but we haven’t heard back what his plans are. CONLIN MAY HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH FOR THE MAYOR’S RESPONSE. THAT’S WHEN NICKELS SAYS HE’LL PRESENT HIS 100-DAY PLAN TO OUTLINE HIS AGENDA. SAM EATON, KUOW, 94.9, PUBLIC RADIO.