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Seattle’s Cab Fare Goes Up

Ruby de Luna

Beginning this week a cab ride from Seattle will cost you 40 cents more. Blame it on high gas prices. KUOW’s Ruby de Luna reports.

THE CITY AUTHORIZED THE TEMPORARY SURCHARGE TO HELP CAB DRIVERS COVER THE HIGH COST OF GAS. MEL MC DONALD IS DIRECTOR OF THE CITY’S REVENUE AND CONSUMER AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT. Taxi cab drivers don’t make a whole lot of money. And they’re the least person who’d be able to afford the increased gas prices… hopefully everybody will understand that and respect the ability for the driver to be made whole and actually not deduct any tips that they were planning on giving to the taxi driver for good service. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THE CITY HAS TACKED ON A SURCHARGE. LAST SPRING CAB RIDES FROM SEATTLE COST 60 CENTS MORE. MC DONALD SAYS THE TEMPORARY FEE WILL BE IN EFFECT FOR AT LEAST A MONTH… It’s temporary based upon the price of gas. If the price of gas stays high, the surcharge will stay on. And if the gas price goes down below $1.72 for more than 2 weeks then the surcharge automatically comes off. THE SURCHARGE WILL BE ADDED TO THE FARE ON THE METER. IT ALSO APPLIES TO CABS THAT CHARGE A 25-DOLLAR FLAT RATE TO THE AIRPORT FROM DOWNTOWN SEATTLE. I’M RUBY DE LUNA, KUOW NEWS.
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