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The Beat

Ela Lamblin

Megan Sukys/Dave Beck

We find out about a performance ensemble combining modern and aerial dance, music, theater, and large interactive musical sculptures. Also this hour: A book that helps girls cope with growing up, and CD reviews with Cheryl Waters.

Today's featured music selection
Zoe Lewis from her recording Fishbone, Wishbone, Funnybone. The British singer and multi-instrumentalist performs this Thursday night, March 4th at 7:00pm at Verite Coffee in Seattle's Madrona Neighborhood. For more information, visit Zoe Lewis' website.

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  • At 2:05pm - Ela Lamblin
    When Ela Lamblin was six years old his father made a deal with him: "I won't buy you any toys, but I'll help you make anything you want." The sculptor, performer and instrument builder took his father up on the deal. Ela Lamblin creates instruments like the "Stamenphone" (a 16 string harmonic sculpture played with a cello bow) the "Rumitones" (spinning percussion instruments) and "bellwheels" (revolving xylophone sculptures). His performance ensemble Lelavision combines modern and aerial dance, music, theater, and large interactive musical sculptures to create innovative works of awe and whimsy. Host Dave Beck talks to the artist and we listen to samples of his sound sculptures.

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    There are upcoming performances by Lelavision continuing through mid March at the Broadway Performance Hall.

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  • At 2:33pm - Ready, Set, Grow!
    Puberty. Everyone goes through it and most of us would like to forget it. Lynda Madaras has been in puberty for more than 20 years as a teacher of health education and author of books on the topic, that is. Her latest book is Ready, Set, Grow! and it is geared to younger girls, third and fourth grade. Lynda talks with Megan Sukys about helping girls through that first big change in life.

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