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The Tenth Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide

Steve Scher
04/07/2004 at 9:00 a.m.

Ten years after the Rwandan Genocide , some things seem to have changed for the better. America, Europe and the United Nations, having acknowledge their culpability in the slaughter have acted more aggressively in other instances. Human Rights Watch reports that in 2003 UN peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, couldn't stop civiian killings. They were undermanned and in place without a mandate. The European Union sent in a force under French leadership that secured the a safe haven until a stronger UN force arrived. But in Rwanda itself, the scars of the slaughter linger. 10 years later what has been learned, what has been forgotten in Rwanda, the UN, and the US.

Samantha Power author, A Problem From Hell, and Lecturer on Public Policy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government
Mary Wiltenburg correspondent with the Christian Science Monitor. She is currently in Kigali, Rwanda.
Alison Des Forges directs research in the Great Lakes Region of Africa for Human Rights Watch. She wrote Leave None To Tell The Story: Genocide in Rwanda. She was named a MacArthur Fellow in 1999.

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