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07/02/2004 at 1:00 p.m.

Jeff Hansen, KUOW's Program Director, fills in as host this hour for Ross Reynolds. The phone lines are open for your programming comments and questions. Which would you choose, listening to Morning Edition or All Things Considered straight from Washington D.C. or from KUOW with the additions of local news and weather? Are you using any of the new technologies for providing audio content? The range of choices you have is increasing, and the convenience of accessing new content is improving. Do you listen to satellite radio - either XM or Sirius? Did you know KUOW is now broadcasting in HD (High Definition) which provides two full channels of full fidelity audio as well as analogue? Do you intend to buy or would you switch to an HD radio? Do you listen to internet radio? Why or why not? We will launch our second channel this summer as a web cast only on KUOW's website. You'll be able to switch back and forth between our current on-air stream, and a different news and information stream with shows like Talk of the Nation. Is this a service you would take advantage of? Let us know, today on The Conversation.

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