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Videogame Sound / Pike Place Market Down Under / State of Venture Capital

John Moe

We tend to think of video games as a visual medium. And while the images of space aliens getting blown up and intrepid plumbers trying to thwart aggressive giant apes are compelling, every videogame also needs sound. Just as games have become more elaborate and advanced, so too has the art and craft of videogame sound design. Next time on The Works, we go to the studios of one of the designers behind the Halo games and learn how it's done. Plus, a trip downstairs at the Pike Place Market. There's no fruit or fish in the area known as "Down Under" but there is an eclectic blend of shops and shopkeepers. We meet a few of them. And the state of venture capital in the Seattle area. A few years after the dot com bubble burst there's still a lot of money going around. Find out where it's going and why.

Jay Weinland Bungie Studios
John Cook Seattle Post-Intelligencer
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