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White Collar Offshoring

Steve Scher
11/22/2005 at 9:00 a.m.

Washington Mutual CEO Kerry Killinger announced last week they may move more jobs overseas. And WAMU is not alone. US companies are offshoring more white collar jobs every year, from legal services to public relations. Offshore outsourcing is expected to increase 30 to 40 percent a year nationally for the next several years. Countries that benefit include India, Malaysia and China, but what about white collar workers in the US? Who gains? Who loses? Are there any jobs that can't be outsourced?

Gagan Sameer in an engineer who spent nine months handling phone calls for Washingon Mutual in Delhi as an employee of a leading Indian outsourcer, Wipro Spectramind.
Marcus Courtney is with WashTec, the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers, Communications Workers of America, Local 37083, AFL-CIO.
Kathryn Dewenter is associate professor of finance at the UW Business School.

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