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Life on the Duwamish Production Team

Jessica Partnow

Jessica is co–founder of The Common Language Project, an online multimedia magazine dedicated to covering underreported issues and stories of social justice and human rights. When half the people she talked to while researching the Duwamish series didn't realize there was a river in Seattle, she realized it qualified as underreported. She's looking forward to reporting from Eastern Africa in 2008. Jessica graduated from Hunter College in 2006 and was a 2006 Knight New Media Fellow at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. This is her first series for KUOW. You can hear more about what happened behind the scenes of Life on the Duwamish, in an interview by Sarah Stuteville, here:

Jim Gates

Jim is an editor at NPR's Day to Day. Jim's prior lives include almost making a living as a writer for several network television series and working in independent film distribution, back in the days before everything was owned by one company. Along with his propensity to write run–on sentences he loves to travel. He's sorry to be out of the country while this series first airs, but has to figure a trip to Kazakhstan is worth it.


Sarah Stuteville
Assistant Producer

Sarah is co–founder of The Common Language Project and assistant producer of Life on the Duwamish. She received her BA with honors in Media Studies and a minor in Political Science from Hunter College in January 2006. She was the 2005 winner of the Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism, and has won several Independent Press Association Awards, including the 2006 award for Best Feature article, Dismantling a Dangerous Past. Sarah's recent work include investigative features Tall Americano, Hold the Paycheck and Bitter Harvest, both for the Seattle Weekly, and CLP Blog Reflections from Pakistan. Listen to Sarah's behind–the–scenes interview with Jessica Partnow here:


Alex Stonehill
Photographer and Assistant Sound Engineer

Alex is co–founder of The Common Language Project and photographer and assistant sound engineer for Life on the Duwamish. He graduated with honors from New School University in 2003, having focused his studies on international politics. Alex's recent work includes a featured photo essay exploring Muslim culture in Glimpse Magazine and the investigative feature Bitter Harvest. Alex produced the audio slideshow The Hotel Between Heaven and Hell and photographed Life Behind the Headlines.

Peder Nelson

Peder graduated from Evergreen State College in June with a major in Pacific Northwest History and Native Rights and Cultures. When not busy logging tape for Life on the Duwamish, he plays in several bands and works construction.